02 April 2020: Home learning

Thursday 02 April 2020

Here’s today’s learning…

Year 5 Maths Task

Answers from yesterday:


Challenge: Never. Square numbers have an odd number of factors because one of their factors does not have a pair.


Times Tables Rockstars- improve your multiplication skills.

Your learning today is multiplying by 10, 100 and 1000.

  1. 19 x 10=
  2. 19 x 100=
  3. 19 x 1000=
  4. 270 x 10=
  5. 270 x 100=
  6. 270 x 1000=

Fill in the blanks

  1. 5 x ?= 5000
  2. 12 x 100= ?
  3. ? x 100=2700
  4. 100 x ?=1000
  5. ? x 10=430
  6. 25 x ?=2500


Freddie has £300 in his bank account. Alex has 100 times more than Freddie in his bank account. How much more money does Alex have than Freddie?

Year 6 Maths Task

Answers from yesterday:

Copy of Make 200 Answers

Multiply whole numbers and decimals

Nrich Route Product- click on the link below.

Nrich Route Product


Design your own grid with your own numbers.

If you email it to us, we can choose one for everyone to complete after the Easter holidays.

Year 5/6  Writing Task

Our learning is expanded noun phrases.
Before we left school, our topic learning was mainly about Vikings. We had just started to learn about a new period: The Ancient Islamic Civilisation. Here is a video that will give us some useful
information about this interesting period of time.
Your task today is to write some sentences about Ali (the character in the video) and the Ancient
Islamic Civilisation. Each sentence must include at least one expanded noun phrase. You should
underline the ENP – like we do at school when you have finished a piece of writing.
Challenge: write a paragraph or two about the video. Include things you’ve learnt and make sure
you use expanded noun phrases – like the main task, underline them after you’ve finished writing.
Don’t forget that we’d love to see pics of any of your learning so please send them in.

Year 5/6  Reading Task

Your learning today is retrieval.

Your reading task today is to read the article and complete the crossword in your home learning book eg

1 down = answer

1 across = answer



– read the clues first
– read the article twice

– work out key words in the clue

– scan the text for the key words

– Does your answer make sense/fit?


Challenge: create your own clues for other words in the text and follow this format:

clue (word class, number of letters)