08 September 2023

Friday 08 September 2023

Our whole school homework this week is:

Reading: please make sure your child is reading on a daily basis.

Number Fact Fluency: use Numbots or Times Tables Rock Stars in regular, short bursts.

Talk Time

Our first Talk Time homework of the year is related to Living and Learning:

I can greet someone politely.

We greet people every day. Our greetings have the power to really improve other people’s moods. Here’s an example of a friendly greeting that we encourage children to use…


‘Hi. How’re you?’

‘I’m fine, thanks. What about you?’

‘I’m ok, thanks.’

Encourage your child to greet people out of school in a similar way! Our ‘Remember 2s’ (R2s) for this are:

Talk about different ways to greet people in a polite and friendly way.

Talk about why greeting people politely helps. To help with your discussions, you might consider these questions at home…