24 March 2023

Friday 24 March 2023

Vocabulary is the focus of this week’s homework. This half-term our topic has been Computing. We’ve been using and applying the key vocabulary below in our learning.

Years 1 and 2 Computing vocabulary:

algorithm a sequence of instructions or a set of rules to get something done
program a collection of algorithms
to debug to find and fix errors in algorithms
computer a type of machine that can follow instructions and do useful things
command an instruction that can be used in a program

Years 3 and 4 Computing vocabulary:

input data sent to a computer system from a device (eg keyboard, mouse, microphone)
output data sent out of a computer system via a device (eg monitor, printer, speaker)
program a collection of algorithms
repetition the execution of certain instructions more than once
to sequence to arrange instructions in a particular order
logical reasoning helps us explain why something happens
sprite a 2d character in a computer game
decomposition the process of breaking down a task into smaller, more-manageable parts
digital footprint information about a particular person that exists on the internet as a result of their online activity and is difficult to remove

 Years 5 and 6 Computing vocabulary:

program a collection of algorithms
selection choosing to execute one set of instructions over another
variable something that is stored in a program and can be changed or used (eg a timer, a score, a number of lives left)
logical reasoning helps us explain why something happens
simulation a model of a real-world or imaginary situation
search engine program that searches for and identifies items on the internet using complex algorithms
internet made up of computers which are connected to each other around the world

All of these words have been introduced over the half term. How confident do you feel explaining what they mean? Can you traffic light them into green (very confident), yellow/orange (mostly confident) or red (not confident).