20 April 2020: Home Learning

Monday 20 April 2020

Hi children,

How are you all? We hope that you had a fabulous Easter break. Did you eat any chocolate eggs or have an egg hunt? We have all been eating plenty of chocolate over the holidays! We have also been enjoying the sunshine from our homes and gardens.

We’d love to hear from you and find out what you have been doing to keep busy. Remember to keep in touch through email. Send us any pictures that you might want featured in our weekly posts.

Enjoy your learning activities for today – remember to read every day for at least twenty minutes and learn your times tables too.

Take care and stay safe!

Team 3,4


Y3 Place value – further practice – counting in 100s and 50s

Y4 place value – further practice – representing numbers up to 10,000





Today we are going to recap on adverbs and adverbials. Work through the Powerpoint – Adverbials 1.

Then, complete the task: Day 1 adverbials    OR for a more challenging task:  Day-1-adverbials CHALLENGE.

Copy the sentences out into your book and take care with your handwriting and presentation.

The answers will be available tomorrow.

A revision prompt is available for printing or if you do not have Powerpoint on your computers Revision adverbs.