20 May 2019

Friday 03 May 2019

This week’s homework is Talk Time and due on Thursday 9th May 2019. 

We have been discussing the importance of online safety and creating safe, secure passwords and usernames. We have also talked about different online scenarios, how the children could respond to them and how to get help if they are worried about an issue.

For homework this week, could your child discuss the following questions that link to a moral issue:

Why do we need to keep our passwords secret?

Is it right to keep a secret?

Times tables – Use maths frame MTC website for more practise. 

Look at the times tables you have been learning in your year group. Write your own personalised list of the tables you still need to practise.

Do you know the divisions?

Year 3 times tables – 3, 4 and 8 times tables (up to x 12).

Year 4 times tables –  6, 7 and 9 times tables (up to x 12).