Tricky words

Friday 08 November 2019

Your child has been learning tricky words. A tricky word is a word you can’t sound out – you just have to know it! Please continue to support your child to learn the tricky words on their word boxes.

So far we have learnt the, I, no and go. We have been playing lots of games to help us remember the tricky words. Here are some examples you can play at home.

Tricky word BOO

Preperation: Write the tricky words and the word BOO on individual pieces of paper and fold into a cup.

How to play: Take it in turns to take a word from the cup and collect the words you can read. If you get BOO you have to put all your words back in the cup. The person with the most words at the end of the game wins!


How to play: Use a fly swatter to hit the words. Your partner has to say the word as you splat it.