26 March 2020: home learning

Thursday 26 March 2020

Hey everyone,

These are today’s tasks.  Keep up the great work and keep sending in your pictures for a chance to feature on our website. Thanks for the responses so far. It’s great to see people making the best of what is a very strange situation.

As well as the three main tasks, remember to keep practising your reading and times tables too. We can see from the number of coins people are earning that people are enjoying Times Tables Rockstars. Be sure to visit the shop so you can rock in style!

Bonus challenge:

Here’s hoping for more sunny weather so we can work, and play, in our gardens. How about setting yourself a personal challenge like we did for Sport Relief?

Mr G is testing himself to see how many kick-ups he can do without the ball touching the floor. He’s managed 20 so far… Plenty of room for improvement.

Send in your challenges and scores.

Here’s some ideas to get you started:


Happy Thursday!

Team 3,4



Answers to Wednesday’s task:

Y3 – subtraction task ANSWERS.docx

Y4 – subtraction task ANSWERS.docx

Today’s task:

Y3 addition and subtraction assessment

Y4 addition and subtraction assessment


Reading Day 4 The Captivating Colosseum


Writing – speech.docx