08 July 2020: Home Learning

Tuesday 07 July 2020

Year 5 Maths


Use the Topmarks website to play ‘Hit the button.’ Put your times table knowledge to the test.

Your learning for today is about subtracting decimals.

Year 6 Maths 

Our lesson on finding an average will be very meaningful. Wait. Here’s a better one. Don’t let anyone call you average. It’s just mean.

Year 5/6 Reading

As this would have been our ‘sports week’ at school if all was normal, I thought we could use this as our learning platform. Choose a sport that you are particularly fond of and find an article about this sport. This could be something in the news, an online article about a team or player, the rules of the sport or anything else you can think of. Once you have your chosen piece of sporting information, create a RIC for other pupils to answer. As a challenge, see If you can create more questions after your RIC. Send your results into your class teacher – we look forward to using them next week!

Year 5/6 Living & Learning

Your lesson today is a Living & Learning lesson. You will be focusing on one of our 8Rs for learning – Mr Catherall thinks it might be the most important one! Do you agree? Watch this video and follow the instructions. You can access the website and resources you need here. Enjoy!