14 July 2020: Home Learning

Monday 13 July 2020

Hi everyone

We hope you’re all OK. We’re almost at the end of the school year now – it’s certainly been one to remember. We’d love to hear your views about this year. Finish these sentences and send them, by email, to your class teacher:

Here’s your home learning for today…

Y5 Maths


Click on the link above for today’s starter. This game is about factors and multiples.

Your learning for today is about describing translations.

Y6 Maths

It’s the last week of year 6 so we had better finish our quest to save Mathematica. In order to prepare for your next battle on Wednesday, learn the mystical art of ratio and proportion in this bitesize lesson.

Y5,6 English


Have a go at this BBC Bitesize lesson on analysing texts.

Y5,6 Art

Yesterday, we learnt about the famous graffiti artist Banksy. Today, we’re going to continue our art learning by developing our own style. Our friends at Hello Hip Hop have sent us a video to help us create effects on our graffiti. Watch this video and then have a go at one (or more) of your own. You could choose to write whatever as long as it is appropriate.