15 July 2020: Home Learning

Tuesday 14 July 2020

Hey everyone

Thanks to those of you that got in touch yesterday – it’s great to hear from you!

Here’s your home learning for today…

Y5 Maths


Use the Topmarks website to play ‘Hit the button.’ Put your times table knowledge to the test.

Your learning for today is about describing positions and coordinates.

Y6 Maths

You are now ready to do battle in Guardians: Defenders of Mathematica. Play all four levels of Ruins of Ratio and Proportion.

Y5,6 Reading

Choose your favourite book at home. Create a short persuasive piece of writing as to why others should read this book.

Some areas to think about:

Y5,6 Topic

Following on from yesterday, our friends at Hello Hip Hop return to help us develop our colouring skills in the graffiti style. Watch this video first. Then, use this document to have a go at colouring in the word ‘Scholes’. Remember to send your finished piece to your class teacher.