21 April 2020: Home Learning

Tuesday 21 April 2020

Good morning. Hope you had a good sleep last night and that you’re ready for your learning today. Remember to get outside for some fresh air too – this is just as important for you and your mental health.

Your learning for today is…

Year 5 Maths Task

Answers from yesterday:

  1. 58cm
  2. 34cm
  3. 70cm




Write down as many number facts that you know about 1,092. Think about addition and subtraction calculations, partitioning, multiplication and division, part-whole models.

Your learning today is area.

To calculate the area of a rectangle or a square, multiply the height by the width.

  1. How many rectangles can you draw with an area of 24cm²?
  2. Mo buys a house with a small back garden, which has an area of 12m². His house lies in a row of terraces, all identical. If there are 15 terraced houses altogether, what is the total area of the garden space?


Year 6 Maths Task

Answers from yesterday:

Answers Four operations B

Solve puzzles

Today’s maths is a problem solving task that uses times table facts and mental addition.

Problem solving – Zids and Zods


How many different solutions can you find?

How do you know you’ve found them all?

Year 5/6 Reading Task

Your learning today is retrieval.

First of all, you should re-read the text from yesterday (The Cave).

The Cave Text

Next, you should answer the retrieval questions.

Tuesday – retrieval questions

For a challenge, create your own retrieval questions for someone in your house, or even better someone in your class, to have a go at – remember that you’ll need to know the answer so you can check if they’re right or not.

Year 5/6 Writing Task

Re watch the video from yesterday.


Read your work from yesterday. ChARM it! Check for punctuation errors, missing words and sense. Add more to a sentence or paragraph. Remove anything that you don’t like. Move a clause, phrase, word or sentence to improve the flow of your work.

Now, publish your work by rewriting in your best handwriting and sending it to your teacher to add to our Class News page.