22 June 2018

Thursday 21 June 2018

This week, our homework is in preparation for a survey you will be taking part in about health. You have been given a diary to complete each day. All the sections must be thought about. Please ask your parents to help you with it each evening.

You will need the information you gather over the week, in order  to complete the survey in school.  You must have it in school from Friday 29th June completed.

Times tables practise the 7 times table (up to 7 x 12), including division facts. Don’t forget to check the website for more practise sheets. Record how long it takes you to complete a set. See if you can beat your personal best time.

Practise counting forwards, backwards, starting from zero and then starting from a multiple, and don’t forget the traditional way to support your child: a couple of mock tests to see how well your child knows their tables!