27 April 2018

Friday 27 April 2018

This week’s homework is Practice makes Perfect and is due in on Thursday 03 May.

Using subordinate clauses. 

Subordinate clauses start with a subordinating conjunction and do not make sense on their own- they must be accompanied by a main clause that does make sense.

The subordinate clause can go at the end of the sentence or at the start. When at the start, it must be followed by a comma.

In the sentences below, underline the subordinate clause and also highlight the subordinating conjunction as has been done in the example. Then rearrange each sentence, swapping the two clauses around.

The man ran to the shops because he needed to buy food.

Because he needed to buy food, the man ran to the shops.


Write your own sentences using subordinate clauses. Vary where the subordinate clause is positioned in the sentence.