30 March 2020: Home learning

Monday 30 March 2020

Hello year 5/6. We hope you’ve had a relaxing weekend and you’re recharged and ready for another great week of home learning.

Firstly, thanks to all the children who responded to the teacher’s plea of getting in touch on Friday. It was great to hear from you. Don’t forget to keep sending us your fantastic learning/ activities so we can post them on the class news page. It would also be great to see what else you’ve been doing at home. It might inspire other families to do the same.

Here’s today’s learning…

Year 5 maths task

Answers from Friday:

I’m thinking of a number. The number was 4596.

  1. 9,485 + 352 – 5241= 4596
  2. 8,947 + 8,521 = 17,468


Bottom row- 3,804, 5,005

2nd  row- 8118

3rd row- 15,094, 13,391

4th row- 28,485, 27,422


Write down all the multiples of 5 between 30 and 60.

For example: a multiple of 3 is 6, 9 and 12 etc.

Your learning today is multiples.

1.Write down the first ten multiples of 7.

2.What is the third multiple of 7?

3.What is the eighth multiple of 7?

4.Write down the first ten multiples of 6.

Fill in the blanks.

5.The third multiple of 6 is also a multiple of___________.

6.The tenth multiple of 3 is also a multiple of __________.

7.The multiple of a number is 24. What could the number be?


Eva’s age is a multiple of 7 and is 3 less than a multiple of 8.

She is younger than 40.

How old is Eva?

Year 6 maths task

Write the answers to the questions below in your exercise book.

Y6 Four Operations A

Challenge: Write your own word problem, which is similar to question 9.

Writing task

This week’s learning is expanded noun phrases.

An expanded noun phrase is where an adjective is added to a noun to provide more information/description: ‘the table’ could be made into ‘the wooden table’.

Your task today is to convert the following nouns into expanded noun phrases.

boat     garden     Caliph     lightening    music    

Tip: Remember, a Caliph is an ancient Islamic ruler!

Challenge: Can you create three of your own sentences with expanded noun phrases in them?

Reading task

Your learning today is a comprehension task.

You should read the FirstNews task (it will open as a separate page in your browser when you click the link). Once you’ve read it, answer the questions on page 2 – these questions will help you practice a range of reading skills.

FirstNews comprehension

Challenge 1: create your own questions for someone else to answer.

Challenge 2: ask someone in your house to help – they’ll need to be able to read so maybe not your pet dog or your favourite teddy bear. One of you is going to play the role of a ‘journalist’. The other person will play the role of an ‘expert’. The journalist should ask the expert questions that they can answer using the text. The expert uses the text to answer them. You could swap roles, too. Why not go BIG and put on a different voice, dress up or use a hairbrush as a microphone. You could even film it and send it in to us!