3,4A Class News

Friday 03 May 2024

This week, we finished writing our promotions about York. We created leaflets and made sure to use rhetorical questions, commands and alliteration. We then worked with our partners to check through our sentences. The children did an amazing job and it’s been lovely hearing them confidently reading out their favourite section to the class.

writing editing

In Geography, we’ve been also been learning about York but from the point of view of comparing it to Venice. We’ve looked at the locations of both cities, learnt about their scale and are now thinking about why tourists want to visit them, before we move on to considering the issues raised by overtourism.

In PE this half term, we are developing ball skills by learning about the sport of basketball. This week was all about fitness for basketball and so we did a carousel of activities around the playground, including skipping, shuttle runs and ladder runs.

Help at home by asking us why it’s important to exercise regularly.

fitness for basketball