3,4B Class News

Friday 10 May 2024

In Geography, we’ve continued to learn about York – comparing it to Venice. We’ve looked at the population of both cities, learnt about the amount of tourists who visit on an annual basis and are now thinking about why tourists want to visit them – moving on to considering the issues raised by overtourism.

In PE this half term, we are developing our skills in basketball. This week we learnt about fitness for basketball and why it is important to keep fit and healthy. We did a carousel of activities around the playground, including star jumps, shuttle runs and burpees.

Help at home by asking us why it’s important to exercise regularly.

This week’s Science lesson was very exciting as we each planted our own sunflower seed. We will measure them on a weekly basis until the end of term and see how tall they grow!

We also planted multiple seeds in the same pot to investigate whether more seeds being planted together will have an impact on their growth. We have four of the same pot – one with one seed, one with two seeds, one with four seeds and one with eight seeds. Again, we will measure these weekly and see what we find out!

Help at home by asking us what conditions plants need in order to grow.