3,4B: writing

Tuesday 22 November 2022

We’ve been enjoying our writing in 3,4B recently. During our history topic, we wrote some recounts. We imagined we were an Ancient Greek warrior returning to our homeland (Athens) after a long battle.

Check out these examples…

Throughout all our writing, we’ve been learning lots of grammar. In particular, we’ve been focussing on securing our knowledge of word classes.

We’ve learnt about lots of word classes:

nouns – a person, place or thing

proper nouns – the specific name of a person, place or thing

verbs – a doing or being word

adjectives – a word that describes a noun

It’s important to remember that the word class of a word can change. A word isn’t just a noun all of the time. It depends what it’s job is in that particular sentence.

In this sentence, walked (from the verb ‘to walk’) is a verb because it’s the action that’s been done by the dog.

The dog walked to the park.

In this sentence, walk is a noun because it’s the thing that’s being done. The verb would be ‘went’ coming from the verb ‘to be’.

The dog went for a walk.

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