Amazing homework

Saturday 09 February 2019

This week, we had some amazing responses to our Creative homework: I can plan a short story.

We really celebrated each other’s effort and left lots of positive comments in our homework books.

There were too many great pieces to show them all but here’s a few of our favourites…

A brilliant film trailer about Marvin the Meatball

Another awesome iMovie film trailer

A highly creative plant based story plan

A pair of well thought out, well presented story maps

A scenic opening paragraph

And, a blast from the past

We shared our views on this week’s homework, too:

I enjoyed planning my story. I can’t wait to write it now!

It was fun trying to think of a way to make planning a story more creative.

I like it when people at home help me.

I tried harder than I normally do this week and I feel really proud of myself.

I didn’t really spend much time on my homework this week but now I’ve seen how creative people have been I will definitely try harder next week.