An early weekly message (Wednesday 20 December)

Wednesday 20 December 2023

This week’s message comes early, and it’s an unusual one because it comes from Miss Beatson, the Head of School at St James’ CE Primary, one of our sister schools in Sphere Federation:

Recently, I visited Scholes (Elmet) Primary School to talk to some children about safeguarding. The children were welcoming, friendly and they engaged really well in conversation. We spoke about a range of topics including being safe in school, equality, behaviour and staying safe online.

All the children said that they felt safe in school and the children in Years 3 and 4 described comprehensively how they learn to stay safe in different subjects such as Science and DT Cooking and Nutrition. They felt that behaviour was good in school and they could confidently tell me the school rules and the school policy STOP in terms of bullying.

When speaking about online safety, the children were knowledgeable about what they do if they see or hear something upsetting online. It was evident that the children have good supervision at home and many of the children talked about ‘time limits’ on their devices so they don’t spend too much time online.

A real strength was our conversations about consent. One pupil talked about consent as setting boundaries and asking permission because some people may not want to have a photograph taken or be hugged.

The older children impressed me when they were talking about equality and the importance of treating everyone the same in terms of protected characteristics.

It was a pleasure talking to the children and I had a wonderful morning – thank you.