An exciting week at school…

Monday 05 February 2024


This is another school journalist news report, this time featuring an exciting new development in school and an interview about the show Gladiators, after a 27 year gap between the last episode of Gladiators in 1997 until the first episode a few weeks ago at the start of 2024. The show first appeared in 1991, a competition where brave and determined challengers take on the superhuman gladiators, many of which have been or still are professional athletes. This show has become very popular since its comeback. We interviewed Mrs Hogarth to find out more.

What is your favourite event in Gladiators and why?

I have two – duel as I like watching the contestants plummet off the podium. My other favourite is the travellator because they’re exhausted and it gets tense.

If you were on Gladiators, what would your name be? Why?

“The Fear” – it would put fear into the opponents.

Who is your favourite Gladiator?

Fury because she’s super resilient.

Which event do you think you would be best at?

Duel because I am very competitive.

An exciting new adventure playground was recently built in place of our old adventure playground. This was because our old one had been at the school a long time and the wood was starting to rot. However, the new adventure playground is better as it is more spacious, there is some fun new equipment and the surface is all-weather which means that there is always an opportunity to go on it. The grand opening of the playground was on Tuesday and everyone has been very excited to try it out.

We interviewed Stanley in year 4 on the new playground:

What do you think about the new adventure playground?

It’s better because it’s a nicer play area and you can go on it whenever you want because it isn’t grass.

What is your favourite part of it?

The slides as there weren’t any on the last adventure playground.

Are you excited about playing on it and why?

Yes – the last one was nice but on the old adventure playground, we never really went on it as it was too muddy. Now it’s all weather, you can always have the chance to play on it. It’s also more spacious than the old one.

Are you excited to play games on it?

Yeah – When it wasn’t all weather we couldn’t play any games on it because  if you fell you’d land in the mud. Now it’s all weather, we can play tig because of this. As well as this, it is proper soft playground surface so you won’t hurt yourself if you fall.

We hope you are excited to read more of our exciting reports. Thank you for reading!