An update from our school journalists…

Tuesday 20 February 2024

Hello there!

This is Louie, Jimmy and Zara with another school news report. Today, we will be looking at what our school is like in general. We are a happy and healthy school and there is lots to offer learning-wise and in entertainment; we are very proud of the curriculum in all subjects and we have lots of space outside: two playgrounds, an adventure playground, a field and lots of equipment to keep us happy during breaks. There is a great learning environment and plenty of opportunities to interact with friends and also to make new friends.

The teachers also have great fun working with each other. We interviewed Mr Lindsay (Y5,6 teacher) to find out more about this.

Why is the school a good place to learn?

Because staff make learning fun. They make it interactive and the children are very dedicated. 

What is it like being a teacher?

It’s the best job I could have because every day is different and you see children learning a little bit more about the world all the time. 

Why did you choose to be a teacher?

It’s great to work with children. I don’t like working with adults.

What’s your favourite subject to teach?

Maths – you see progress in children quickly and I like teaching a variety of subjects like there is in maths. 

We’ve had a great half-term to start the year with good maths, writing and history all over the school. In an action-packed half-term, KS1 have learned about Nelson Mandela, Year 3,4 have done a topic about the Romans and Year 5,6 have learned about the Vikings.

We’ve also had a superb addition to the school with the exciting new adventure playground.

We hope you keep coming back for more exciting news updates!

Have a great week!