Askham Bryan Animal Visit

Monday 19 February 2018

We’re continuing with our Life Forces big topic. We re-ignited our interest in the topic by arranging a visit from Askham Bryan Wildlife and Conservation Park today. We took part in two workshops. One focused on habitats where we learnt why animals choose certain habitats and how they adapt to their habitats. The second workshop looked at animal skulls and teeth. We learnt about how different teeth tear, rip, grind and chew. The most exciting part was meeting the animals though!  We looked closely at a giant hissing cockroach, White’s tree frog, a bearded dragon, a tortoise, a Madagascan tenrec and a python. We were given the opportunity to touch the animals (except the tree frog – they’re too sensitive). This also allowed us to talk about how to be gentle and respectful towards animals.

Help your child at home by talking about animals and habitats you may visit: parks, woodlands, rivers, seaside…