Meeting a real life author!

Today we had a very special virtual visitor in KS1. Popular children’s author Beth Woolvin, gave a virtual workshop all about her brilliant book, ‘Little Red.’ We read the book together and were also given a step-by-step guide on how to draw our own Little Red.  The children had a fantastic time.



Inspired artists

This half-term we have been looking at artists George Seurat and Bridget Riley. We were inspired particularly by Riley’s optical art and this week we have started the process of making our own op art. Over the next few weeks, we will be creating some 2 and 3D. We will be using black and white stripes that we drew and painted this week.

Children in Need

We have had a brilliant day down in KS1 for Children in Need day. We have raised lots of money as a school and are looking forward to seeing what a difference the money will make, to those that need it. We’ve had done lots of activities today based on Children in Need and Pudsey bear. Why not take a look?

Anti-bullying week

This week is anti-bullying week in school. Our children and staff were all encouraged to come into school with odd socks today to show their support. We wear odd socks to show that everyone is different but we should be treated equally. One child in 2C said;

‘We are all unique and special in our own way.’

In our school, we define bullying as:





We discussed in detail what we meant by this and used example scenarios in class. We also discussed who we might speak to if we witness or experience bullying and what we might do. If bullying occurs we should:





Help at home by speaking to your children about the definition of bullying. Is it happening several times on purpose? Encourage your children to Reach Out! We want to Scholes being a happy and healthy place to learn.

(This is a YouTube link. Top tip for watching YouTube with your child: go to the settings cog along the play bar and turn off autoplay – this avoids an inappropriate clip coming up automatically, and helps to discourage your child from passively watching clip after clip.)

School charities

In 2C we have been looking at a number of different charities that we might like to support. We researched and discussed different charities such as;



Candle Lighters

Cancer Research

Cool Earth

We discussed what charities are set up to achieve and how they help causes in need. We then created posters for how we could raise money for these charities. Our top ideas were bake sales and sponsored car washes. We are hoping to set up an event in the near future.

In 2C, each child voted for which charity they wanted to support. Our JLT representative will take our ideas to a meeting next week, to support the decision about which charity we should support as a school this year.

Bonfire night

Last week in 2C we looked at Bonfire Night. In PE we created dance routines to ‘Firework’ by Katy Perry. We sequenced moves that reminded us of fireworks such as spinning, jumping and moving our arms.

We also looked at the safety aspects of Bonfire Night in English and were able to answer key questions about how to keep safe.

In art we created some fantastic and colourful chalk drawings of fireworks on a black background.

Ordering numbers

This week in KS1 we have been ordering numbers from 0-100. We have been practising recognising and using the greater than (>), less than (<) and equal to (=) signs. We came up with some actions to help us remember these.

Help at home by using Go Noodle and practising this dance:

Hallabaloo – Learn Greater Than, Less Than, Equal To | Math | GoNoodle – YouTube

(This is a YouTube link. Top tip for watching YouTube with your child: go to the settings cog along the play bar and turn off autoplay – this avoids an inappropriate clip coming up automatically, and helps to discourage your child from passively watching clip after clip.)


‘I respect myself’

Today we have been discussing our Living and Learning statement, ‘I respect myself.’ The class came up with many reasons why we are all different. As a class, we came to the conclusion that we are all different and unique. We respect our differences as well as other peoples.

We then created lots of different characters on A4 paper. We started by drawing a head. We then folded our paper and passed it on to another person in the class. We repeated this until each character had a full body. Take a look at some of our weird and wonderful creations!