The day Y3,4 met a real poet!

Yesterday, we were lucky enough to welcome Andy Tooze into our school.

We watched him perform some of his poems and had a go at writing our own (in just seven minutes!). The children had a lot of fun and felt inspired. Today, each class read their poems aloud and published them in a book.

If your child would like one of Andy’s books, please let your child’s class teacher know. They cost £5 each when ordered through school.

Living and Learning – Mental Health

We have started talking about mental health this week. If you break your arm or catch a cold, everyone can see you’re poorly. It’s obvious. Mental health problems are much harder to spot because they start inside our heads. They affect how we think, feel, our behaviour and how we cope with things. They can affect anyone at any time.

Mindfulness (we like some of the Go Noodle ones) gives your brain a moment of pause to assess any situation without responding irrationally and full of emotions. Mindfulness means paying attention in the present moment.

Ask your child what their top tips are to keep a healthy mind.