Baking, bear hunting and building apple runs.

Sunday 08 October 2017


We’d like to begin by welcoming Mr Gledhill to our Foundation One team. He has already been joining us during the day and has been busy getting to know the children. Mr Gledhill is going to be covering Miss Logan’s maternity leave and whilst she isn’t leaving just yet, she will soon be moving to Key Stage One for the remainder of her time at school.  Miss Logan and Mr Gledhill have been working together during group times as he will become the Key Person for green group.

What are we learning this week?

The children have continued to enjoy singing ‘Five currant buns in a baker’s shop’, so much so, that we’ve decided to make a bakery role play area. This will provide lots of opportunities for children to communicate with each other, write receipts and count pennies to pay for their currant buns. You may even notice a lovely aroma in the rainbow room next week… Can you guess what we’re going to bake?

Autumn is really upon us now; we’re always talking about the changes that children can see in our nursery garden. On Wednesday, we’ll be ‘going on a leaf hunt’ to search for more signs of autumn in our school grounds. Don’t forget to send wellies (named) and a waterproof coat!

Many children have shown an interest in rolling things recently, from balls to trucks and apples. As a result, we’ve introduced some ramps to our vehicle area and we’ve used apples that have fallen from our tree to create apple runs using the guttering and stands. We’ll also be rolling conkers next week to create some autumn art work. Look out for it in our art area soon!

Home Link

Thank you to everyone who enjoyed completing the Home Link activity last week – we can see a few stars starting to appear on children’s handprints but we’d love to see some more! This week’s activity, is to read one of our favourite stories, ‘We’re going on a Bear Hunt’. We have a small world area linked to this story in our outdoor area and children are enjoying re-telling the story using the props. Swishy swashy… Squelch, squerch… Hooo wooo…

If you don’t have a copy of the story, you could visit the library or watch Michael Rosen telling the story online- it’s great!


Hopefully, you will have noticed our current interest notice board as you come into nursery each morning. We’ve added some of the things that we have noticed that the children are interested in and we’d really love to find out more about what your child loves at home at the moment. Please take a post-it note from the board and tell us – don’t be shy! It’s there for all parents/carers to use and allows us to continue making learning fun and relevant to children.

Alternatively, you could e-mail us: