Beach Party 20 July 2018

Monday 16 July 2018

To celebrate the end of another fantastic year we are planning to hold a ‘Beach Party’ on Friday 20th July. Your child can come to school dressed in their own clothes (please make sure they are suitable to wear all day) and can bring along a snack and drink which they can have at the party. We are hoping to have some water fun so all children are welcome to bring swim wear and water pistols! A towel to get dried with is essential. The children are also welcome to bring any outdoor play equipment eg: bats, balls, hula hoops, footballs, frisbees, inflatables etc. As always, if you could name as many items as possible that would be really helpful (don’t send anything too precious!). Don’t forget drinks and hats and to apply suncream before school, particularly if it is a warm day.
Fingers crossed for sunshine!