Beautiful butterflies

Friday 17 May 2024

We had a lovely surprise on Tuesday morning when we returned to Nursery; we had a butterfly that had emerged from its chrysalis.  There was a lot of interest in the butterfly house. We talked about the life cycle of a butterfly and what we needed to do next to look after the butterflies.  Children helped to feed the butterflies with an orange and left over fruit from snack time.

Children enjoyed watching as their wings opened out and they began to fly around in the butterfly net.  The sunny weather on Friday was perfect for releasing our butterflies before the weekend.  It was lovely to watch them fly away and one landed on some flowers in one of our pots so we got to watch it for a little bit longer.

Next week’s learning:

We’ll learn about shapes next week and will be looking for shapes all around us.

Sound of the week – Z for zebra

Nursery rhyme of the week – Jack and Jill