Bonfire night

Friday 11 November 2022

We began the week talking about children’s experiences of Bonfire Night. Children loved playing in the small world area and launching the rocket into the sky. Whooooosh!

We watched firework videos and talked about the colours, patterns and noises that we saw and heard. Outside, we listened to some firework sounds and pretended to be fireworks, dancing with ribbons.

What noise did the firework make? Pop! Bang! Whizz! Crackle, crackle! Fizz!

Children also talked about the bright colours that they’d seen in the sky and enjoyed using brightly coloured paints, to make firework prints and pictures.


In the shallow sand tray outside, we looked carefully at the firework cards to try and create different patterns and shapes.  There were crosses, zig-zags, spirals and wavy patterns.

In group time, we’ve been learning to compare quantities using language such as ‘more than’ and ‘fewer than’. E.g. The blue plate has fewer cookies than the blue plate. I have more biscuits than you.

 Try and use some of this language at home, too. Children are often familiar with the words ‘more’ and ‘most’ but don’t often hear ‘fewer/fewest’.