Bonfire Night celebrations

Friday 10 November 2023

Everyone has quickly settled back into Nursery after the break and children were very excited to tell us all about their half term adventures and Bonfire Night celebrations.

We began the week talking about children’s experiences of Bonfire Night. Children enjoyed launching the rocket into the sky in our Bonfire themed small world area. Whooooosh!

We watched firework videos and talked about the colours, patterns and noises that we saw and heard. Outside, we listened to some firework sounds and pretended to be fireworks, dancing with ribbons.

What noise did the firework make? Pop! Bang! Whizz! Crackle, crackle! Fizz!

In the shallow sand tray, we looked carefully at the firework cards to try and create different patterns and shapes.  There were crosses, zig-zags, spirals and wavy patterns.

Children also talked about the bright colours that they’d seen in the sky and enjoyed using chalks and brightly coloured paints, to make firework prints and pictures.

As part of our phonics learning, we’ve introduced the letter ‘s’ this week.  At this point in Nursery, children are learning to HEAR the sounds in words.  We took turns to pull some objects out of a bag that all started with the letter ‘s’. There was… a star, stick, snowman, sock, spoon, snake and even a sloth! We talked about the ‘s’ sound that we could hear at the start of each word. In Nursery, we focus on our listening skills. We’re not learning about letter formation just yet, that will come later in your child’s phonics journey.

Here is a link to a video to show you how we pronounce the letter sounds that we will be learning over the next half term. (The video is to help show how to pronounce each letter clearly, using the pure sound. Children don’t need to be able to recognise the grapheme (letter) yet, although they might begin to.)

Help at home: What can you find at home that begins with the letter ‘s’?  Go on a sound hunt together and look for some…. ssssssocks, ssssssslippers, sssssssoap. We often exaggerate the sound at the beginning of the word when we’re first learning to listen for initial sounds and then we repeat the word afterwards, saying it as it should be. Sssssocks, socks.

What’s happening next week?

Nursery rhyme of the week – We’ll be singing lots of popular rhymes as it’s World Nursery Rhyme week! If you’d like to send us an email with your child’s favourite rhyme and we’ll try to sing it at Nursery next week.

Sound of the week – T for tiger and teapot!