Nursery Class News

Welcome back, Miss Pennock!

Posted on Saturday 12 October 2019 by Foundation One team

Some of you will have spotted that we had a new face in nursery this week; we’re pleased to welcome Miss Pennock back to school following her maternity leave. She will be Key Person, along with Miss Logan,  for children in green group.

Miss Pennock enjoyed getting to know everybody and was very quick to learn lots of children’s names.   Children were very friendly and have already welcomed her to our team.



Hoot hoot and roaaaar!

Posted on Friday 11 October 2019 by Foundation One team

As we have previously posted, we’re always looking to follow children’s interests in Nursery as children learn best when they are engaged.  We seem to have lots of children that like ‘owls’ at the moment so we’re looking forward to developing this interest further. Next week, we will read some owl stories, including ‘Owl Babies’ and learn more about nocturnal animals. Watch this space to see what the children enjoy and where our learning takes us!

Children also continue to love playing with the jungle animals in our small world area and like to sing and move to ‘Walking through the jungle‘ in our movement area.


  • Now that transition sessions have finished, children must arrive at Nursery before 9am. If you arrive after 9am, please go to the main school office to be registered. Thank you for your cooperation.
  • Please put NAMES in shoes, wellies and coats (and everything else that can me taken off!). We have a few children with the same shoes and it is very difficult trying to match them to the correct owner! Thank you
  • Look out for the Parent/Carer consultation evening appointments. Please sign up for a convenient time to meet us.
  • We often buy small things to enhance our Nursery provision (eg pumpkins, playdough/baking ingredients) that the school budget doesn’t provide. If you are able to help out, please contribute 50p-£1 to our Nursery funds money box when you can. All donations are very gratefully received.


Autumn bags

Posted on Tuesday 08 October 2019 by Foundation One team

So far this week, we’ve been enjoying talking about the contents of children’s autumn bags. Thank you to everyone who has returned them already. Don’t worry if you haven’t had chance to fill them yet, there’s still time! Please bring them to Nursery when they’re full.

Children have enjoyed telling us all about the things they have collected and where they found them. It sounds like lots of you have had fun visiting local parks or looking for autumn things on the walk to Nursery. We’ve heard some good descriptive language (shiny, spiky, smooth) and the conkers are providing endless opportunities to talk about size. We love to line them up in size order!

Outside, some children helped to harvest our (mini!) carrots and we enjoyed eating them at snack time.  We have also noticed that many children are interested in ‘rolling’ objects at the moment. To facilitate this, we created a conker drop game outside. It was great fun trying to roll the conkers into pots at the bottom. We carefully counted how many we managed to get in to each pot at the end.

Autumn Home Link

Posted on Friday 04 October 2019 by Foundation One team

This week, you’ll have found a brown paper bag in your child’s folder.

Please fill it with ‘Autumn treasure’ (coloured leaves, conkers, acorns etc..) and return it to Nursery.  Talk to your child about what they find (colours, textures, different sizes) and about the changes they can see happening to the trees.

We’ll talk about the contents of their bags and share their treasures with friends. They’ve been really interested in our autumn discovery area this week; we’re sure that they’ll enjoy adding their own items to it.


We’re Going on a Bear Hunt

Posted on Wednesday 02 October 2019 by Foundation One team

This story continues to be popular with children this week. They love listening to Michael Rosen telling the story and we have been going on lots of Bear Hunts outside too.

Today, we took advantage of the sunshine and created our own Bear Hunt through the grass, forest, mud, river and snow.  To help us to feel the different textures, we took our shoes and socks off.

Some children weren’t sure at first but they soon got used to the squelching and loved it! We heard lots of descriptive vocabulary as they made their way along the path.

A very wet Tuesday

Posted on Tuesday 01 October 2019 by Foundation One team

We had a great time outside in the rain today. We put our waterproof trousers and jackets on and ventured out into the very wet weather.  Children enjoyed using powder paints to mix colours on the floor; it was interesting to see the colours running together on the playground and into the puddles. They painted lots of patterns on the floor using brushes. Giant mark making is great for developing muscles in the shoulders and arms; all of which are essential for writing as children get older. (It helps that it’s fun too!)

We also spotted that our wellington boots were leaving footprints in the paint and mud.  Can you see the different shapes and patterns on the soles of the footprints we made?


Rain, rain, rain!

Posted on Sunday 29 September 2019 by Foundation One team

Please remember to send your child with a waterproof coat and some wellies this week.

Thank you

Home Link Activity

Posted on Friday 27 September 2019 by Foundation One team

By now, we’re sure that you’ll have seen our ‘What makes us tick’ display in the entrance. This display shows all of our Nursery children and which key person group they are part of.

We also use this display to find out more about your child’s interests at home and then we use this information to plan activities for children throughout the week.  It’s a brilliant way to keep learning fun and relevant for everyone. Children learn best when they are engaged.

Please fill out a post-it note when you next visit Nursery to tell us something that your child loves at the moment.

Interests will be varied; some will be specific to individuals but we often find that many children have shared fascinations too. We’ve seen all sorts on the board before, from spinning objects, dancing and farming to drawing treasure maps and reading a favourite story.

We’re looking forward to finding out about what makes your child tick at home at the moment!

Please up-date this board whenever you notice something new.


Rolling, printing and patterns

Posted on Friday 27 September 2019 by Foundation One team

The very wet weather hasn’t stopped us having fun learning outside this week. Children are still making the most of our apple tree and have loved collecting the apples and making ramps to roll them down. They found arranging the guttering quite tricky and it sparked lots of conversation about where to put the pipes. We used lots of different words to describe the positions.  Higher/lower? Up/down? Did the guttering need to be flat or sloping down?

Now that the weather is on the turn, children need to bring a waterproof coat to Nursery everyday.  It’s also a great time to help your child become more independent when putting on their own shoes and coat. Try to pick times when you’re not in a rush to leave the house and encourage your child to have a go. At Nursery, we often start children off by teaching them to put the hood on first. This makes it easier for them to reach their arms into the sleeves. Give it a try!

They’ll be really proud of themselves when they can get ready to play outside at Nursery independently. Zips and buttons can be tricky for little fingers so may require a bit more help.

We’ve also enjoyed investigating different ways of painting using  rollers, stamps and brushes.

In our maths area, we continued to  sort objects by colours.  Children enjoyed copying repeating colour patterns and counting how many people they could link together.

Animals and apples!

Posted on Friday 20 September 2019 by Foundation One team

We’re really lucky to have several fruit trees in our Nursery garden and at this time of year, some of our favourite activities involve apples. Children love to collect them outside and transport them in wheel barrows. We also love to bake with them. This week, some of our older children enjoyed baking mini apple pies. One group carefully helped to chop the apples whilst the other group made the pastry. They smelt delicious and tasted pretty good too!

The jungle small world area has been very popular and some children extended their play, building the animals homes using the building blocks. This required great concentration and involved lots of testing and adjusting to make sure that the bricks weren’t going to fall down. When they did take a tumble, there were lots of helpers to build them back up again. Great team work, Nursery!

Children are still busy exploring Nursery and the newest children are enjoying returning to their favourite areas each session. As they become more familiar with the different areas of provision, you will start to see us enhancing them slightly to reflect their current interests. One area that we have chosen to adapt for next week is the small world area. Now that children know where to access the jungle animals independently, they have been returned to the basket on the shelf and instead of a jungle, we now have a bear cave!

We loved listening to ‘We’re going on a bear hunt’ last week and children especially enjoyed re-telling the story outside as we moved through the long, wavy grass and tip toed through the forest (in our garden, of course!). To reflect this common interest and favourite book, we have adapted our provision to capture children’s imaginations and to encourage them to re-tell the story themselves.

If you want to join in at home, please enjoy reading the book together if you have a copy. If not, you could visit the library or  watch this short video of Michael Rosen telling the story. It’s fantastic! We especially love his sound effects.  Listening to sounds and making different voice sounds is one of the first ways that we begin to teach phonics in Nursery. We’ll add more about how we teach Phase One phonics over the next few months in our web site posts.

Finally, you may have noticed bright yellow post-it notes starting to appear under children’s photographs on our ‘What makes us tick?’ board in the entrance to Nursery. Please jot down any interests that your child currently has or favourite games, songs or stories. We use these ideas to help us plan activities that are exciting and relevant for your child. Thank you.