Year 1 & 2 Homework

13 July 2020 : Home learning

Posted on Sunday 12 July 2020 by Mrs Latham

Well, we really didn’t think we would be seeing in the final week of summer term 2020 like this. We are all really sad that we couldn’t say goodbye to our classes like we usually do… with a ‘beach party’, extra-long Wake Up Shake Up sessions, games, movies and having fun with our friends. Each teacher has recorded a message for their class to say goodbye and that we will see you again in September, just not in our classes. We have also made you a poster with all your names on so you have something to remember us by!

Mrs Latham :

Miss Parling :

Miss Lowry :

Mrs Lake :

1K name tree

2KN name sunshine

12V name heart

Children might be spending more time on iPads, tablets and computers over the summer, so our topic activities this week are all about staying safe online.

Weekly spellings :

Y1 : like, slide, nice, home, note, rule, tube, use

Y2 : there, their, here, hear, quite, quiet, see, sea, one, won

Times tables : Choose any times tables and division facts that you want to work on.


Watch the video about subtracting 2 two digit numbers, with an exchange :

Have a go at these subtractions.

63 – 43 =

94 – 55 =

85 – 16 =

Challenge : What have I done wrong?

54 – 28 =

14 – 8 = 6

50 – 20 = 30

30 + 6 = 36


Sing along with the song, reading the words as you go or reading them afterwards :

So long, farewell (from the Sound of Music)

There’s a sad sort of clanging
From the clock in the hall
And the bells in the steeple, too
And up in the nursery

An absurd little bird
Is popping out to say coo-coo
(Coo-coo, coo-coo)

coo-coo Regretfully they tell us
coo-coo But firmly they compel us
coo-coo To say goodbye
To you

So long, farewell
Auf wiedersehen, goodnight
I hate to go and leave this pretty sight
So long, farewell
auf Wiedersehen, adieu
Adieu, adieu
To you and you and you
So long, farewell
Au revoir, auf Wiedersehen
I’d like to stay
And taste my first champagne

So long, farewell
Auf Wiedersehen, goodbye
I leave and heave
A sigh and say goodbye
I’m glad to go
I cannot tell a lie
I flit, I float
I fleetly flee, I fly
The sun has gone
To bed and so must I
So long, farewell
auf Wiedersehen, goodbye


Topic – staying safe online

Watch Episode 1 : Watching videos

Talk about what you do if you see something that you don’t like.

You can also access the storybooks by scrolling to the end of the page where you will find the PDF links.

10 July 2020 : Home learning

Posted on Thursday 09 July 2020 by Mrs Latham

Happy Friday!


Have a go using the vertical method for subtraction. Subtract the ones first and then the tens.


87 – ? = 54

? – 45 = 76


Watch the clip about mindfulness :

Read and follow the instructions about how to be mindful on paper :

Mindful Movement on Paper

Have you ever put pen to paper without having any particular idea in mind of what you want to draw? This is sometimes called ‘taking your pen for a walk’. Put your pen or pencil anywhere on a piece of paper and focus on your breathing as you move your pen around. There is no right or wrong way of doing this and you are not trying to create a specific image. After a little while, stop and see where your pen has travelled. Notice the shapes you have made. You can use different colours to fill in the shapes you have created – your very own mindfulness colouring design! Mindfulness activities can help us to feel calm, happy and relaxed. 


Play the listening game :

09 July 2020 : Home learning

Posted on Wednesday 08 July 2020 by Mrs Latham


Have a go at the subtractions below.


Read the description about the sports day race.

An egg and spoon race is a sporting event. Each person in the race must place an egg or ball on a spoon. If it falls off, you must stop and put the egg back on the spoon. The winner is the first to cross the finish line.

Think of your own race and write simple description of how to do it.

Challenge : Draw and label a picture of your race.


Make an obstacle course in your house or garden. Have a go at completing it a few times. See if you can get better each time. Make sure you put everything back where you got it from when you have finished!


08 July 2020 : Home learning

Posted on Tuesday 07 July 2020 by Mrs Latham


Have a go at the word problems subtracting 2 digit numbers from 2 digit numbers.


Read the Sports Day text again. Answer the questions.


Design your own sports day medal or certificate. You could award it to yourself, if you took part in the virtual sports day yesterday, or award it to someone in your family.

07 July 2020 : Whole school home learning (Let’s get sporty!)

Posted on Monday 06 July 2020 by Mrs Latham

Whole school sporting activities

Sadly, our favourite events of the year – sports days – cannot take place in it’s normal format this year. However, the next best thing is to take part in a virtual sports day and we’re excited to be joining the West Yorkshire Virtual School Games Sports Day on Tuesday 7th July. The day will involve the children taking part in multiple activities with the chance to compete against other schools across the county. There will be a number of prizes on offer too.
What do you need to do?
Have a look at the guidance for parents/carers to help you prepare for the day.
When does it take place?
There is a live opening ceremony shown here at 10am on Tuesday 07 July and the activities can be completed at any point in the day.
Is this just for children who are back at school?
No – the activities can be done by children at school and at home. The sports day will be one of your child’s home learning activities on the day.
What are the activities?
The parent guide gives details of all the activities and instructions will also be given on the video released on the day.
Do children have to complete all the activities?
We would encourage the children to have a go at as many as they can but they don’t have to complete them all.
How do we submit results?
This is the link to submit results (live from 10am on 07 July up till 12pm on the 08 July). All children’s results will be added to their school score.
We would love to see the virtual sports day in action so please share any photos of your children taking part and good luck to everyone!

07 July 2020 : Home learning

Posted on Monday 06 July 2020 by Mrs Latham

Enjoy our virtual sports day today!


Subtract the 2 digit numbers from the 2 digit numbers. Show your answer by drawing tens and ones, part wholes, bar models or number lines. are there any you can do without drawing, using what you know about subtraction?

73 – 20 =

88 – 44 =

51 – 11=

69 – 27 =

85 – 22 =

25 – 14 =

36 – 12  =

42 – 10 =

19 – 18 =

94 – 53 =


Watch the video about the Sports Day non-fiction text :


06 July 2020 : Home learning

Posted on Sunday 05 July 2020 by Mrs Latham

We’re getting sporty this week! We would’ve had our school sports roundabout by now so we thought some sporty challenges this week would be good. There is also a ‘virtual school sports day’ that West Yorkshire School Games have organised.

This week, you will be finding out which class your child is in for the next academic year, so look out for the email.

Weekly spellings :

Y1 : take, late, gaze, flake, came, chase, even, delete

Y2 : copy, copied, copier, happy, happier, happiest, happiness, cry, crying, cried

Times tables : Choose any times tables and division facts that you want to work on.


Watch the slideshow about subtracting 2 two digit numbers :

Subtract the 2 digit numbers from the 2 digit numbers. Represent the greatest number as tens and ones and then cross out the number that you are subtracting.

53 – 21 =

48 – 15 =

67 – 32 =

39 – 12 =

85 – 24 =


Read the text about Sports Day.

Find the key vocabulary : Sports Day, May, June, July (there are all proper nouns so begin with a capital letter). Watch the video about proper nouns :

Challlenge : Think of, find or write some more proper nouns. Remember they all need a capital letter.


Personal best challenge :  Choose a skill or activity that you will work on every day and try to improve your personal best. Do the activity for one minute and count how many times you can do it in that time. It could be skips, star jumps, squats or anything you choose.

03 July 2020 : Home learning

Posted on Thursday 02 July 2020 by Mrs Latham


Year 1 : Watch the lesson from Oak Academy reviewing subtraction :

Year 2 : Watch the video from Oak Academy for some more challenging Year 2 subtraction :

Challenge : Have a go at some more subtractions.


Choose a sound from the orange sound mat (Phase 3). Have a look in magazines or newspapers for any words that have that sound in them. You could make a poster with the words or write the words in a list.


Have a go at the animal sound bingo game :

Challenge : Make your own sound/listening bingo game.

02 July 2020 : Home learning

Posted on Wednesday 01 July 2020 by Mrs Latham


Use a number line to complete the subtractions.


Have a go at these subtraction calculations.

53 – 7 =

49 – 5 =

66 – 15 =

32 – 15 =

97 – 50 =

70 – 42 =


Words are everywhere. We hear, see and discover new words everyday.

Complete the table below and become word explorers.


Watch the video about how your hear :

Go in your garden, if you can, or sit near an open window. Close your eyes for 1 minute and listen to the sounds you can hear.

Challenge : Write a list of the things that you heard.


01 July 2020 : Home learning

Posted on Tuesday 30 June 2020 by Mrs Latham

Well, July is here and a massive WELL DONE if you are still slogging on with home learning!


Watch the video about fact families :

Write the whole fact family (two addition and two subtraction) for each part whole model.

eg : 10 + 6 = 16

6 + 10 = 16

16 – 10 = 6

16 – 6 = 10


Filp the calculation to make 4 more calculations

eg : 16 = 10 + 6

16 = 6 + 10

6 = 16 – 10

10 = 16 – 6


Jerome (from the Word Collector story) loved collecting words that were short and sweet, two-syllable treats or multi-syllable words.

Write and cut each word into syllables : whisper, savour, dream, smudge, breeze, peace, electric, glimmer, dream, wonderful, marvellous.


Challenge : choose some words of your own to split into syllables


Create a piece of art work using words.