Friday 06 May 2022

This week, we read another very famous book written by Eric Carle, ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar’.  Many children were already very familiar with the story, which allowed them to use their story telling skills in the book corner.  If you have a copy at home, enjoy reading it together and see if your child can tell you the story in their own words using the illustrations on each page. 

As we read the story, we also talked about the life cycle of a butterfly and learnt some new words including hatch and chrysalis.  Can your child remember what a chrysalis is? In the story, Eric Carle refers to the home that the caterpillar makes with a different name – can they remember what word he used?

We’ve been watching our own hungry caterpillars very closely; they’ve already grown a lot. We’ll keep checking them next week to see what happens. Watch this space!

We added a few other caterpillar themed areas to Nursery, too. In the Fiddly fingers area, children enjoyed refining their fine motor skills by threading  tiny beads onto a pipe cleaner to make some very tiny caterpillars. There were caterpillars to count in the maths area, caterpillars to make using playdough and spaghetti caterpillars to catch in the sensory area.

In maths, we’ve been talking about ‘more and less’.  To begin with, we revisited some learning from earlier this year. We looked at 2 plates of cookies and talked about which plate had the most or fewest cookies. We asked children which one they would prefer and why. There were lots of comments which demonstrated their understanding: I would choose that one because it has more” and “I want that one because there are 4 and that one only has 1 cookie on.”   Children were very familiar with the terms ‘more’ and ‘most’, but they were less confident with the words ‘fewer’ and ‘fewest’. Try to use the words fewer/fewest at home this week to help consolidate this learning at home.

Next, we put 2 cookies on a plate that had been labelled with the numeral 3. Children were very quick to comment that we needed to put ‘one more’ cookie on the plate to make the number of cookies match the numeral.  When we put 4 cookies on the same plate, they also knew it needed ‘one less’ and they took one cookie away. Great work, Nursery!

Outside, we continued with our gardening work; we’ve planted some more vegetable seeds and some ‘flower seed bombs’ near the fence at the bottom of the garden.  There were lots of cars whizzing down ramps on the hill and the new fairy garden small world area was very popular.