Christmas celebrations

Sunday 16 December 2018

In between our concerts last week, we still had time to enjoy some Christmas themed learning.  One of the most popular activities was helping Father Christmas in his Elves’ Workshop. After wrapping the presents, children built a sleigh and enjoyed delivering them to all of their friends.  We’ve also been writing Christmas cards, counting baubles, sorting Christmas shapes and making reindeer in the playdough.  We’ll continue with our Christmas activities for the final week.

Children will listen to the Nativity story and find out more about how some people celebrate Christmas.  We’ll be watching some of these short clips from the ‘Let’s Celebrate‘ programme on CBeebies.

If you want to play some games on the computer at home, there are lots of links to Christmas games on the Topmarks website. Our favourite games last week, were playing tunes on the reindeer’s noses and putting the correct number of baubles onto the tree. This is a great game to practise counting out the right number of objects from a group and knowing that you need to stop when you’ve reached the required quantity. That’s quite a tricky early maths skill to master!