Class 5/6A News

Friday 18 November 2022

Another week done and dusted in Class 5/6A.  There’s only 20 days left of school until the Christmas holidays!  Let’s catch up on the class goings-on from this week.

In Writing this week we have continued writing our narrative about an apocalyptic world using figurative language.  The students have produced some very imaginative work and have really got to grips with engaging their reader in different ways.

Tuesday saw us become physicists in our Science lesson.  Pupils recreated the famous experiment of Galileo Galilei to see if objects of differing mass fell to the ground at the same speed.  Using a tennis ball, football and basketball, and dropping these from the same height, our students were able to show that despite the differing mass of the objects, the velocity of which they fell was broadly the same.

It has been really pleasing to see the number of pupils who have improved their arithmetic test scores this week in both Year 5 and 6.  Year 5 have begun to look at unit and non-unit fractions, whilst Year 6 have explored long division.  Parents, you can help support your child’s maths development a home by accessing a number of resources through the Scholes website.  Click here for more details.

Mrs. Thorn and the class have produced some excellent pieces of Art this week.  The pupils have been looking at using different mediums, with this week focusing on chalk pastels. They have produced some very colourful pieces as you can see.

In Topic we have looked at how printing on a large scale is used to replicate the works of William Morris.  Our pupils have today had a go at their own printing methods to create monochrome leaf pictures.

Before we go, let’s see who the lucky recipients of our certificates are this week:

Great learning – Sam B.  Always on time and on task.  A great role model for behaviour and attitude to learning and does himself and the class proud.

P.E – Will.  Gives 100% in every lesson.  Plays every game in the right spirit and is a great partner and teammate.

Living and Learning – Ruby.   Polite, considerate and on task.  Ruby can always be relied upon to do the right thing first time, every time.

Enjoy your weekend!

Mr. Robson