Class 5/6A News

Sunday 12 March 2023

Well, that was a week with a difference!  The weather has been up to all sorts of mischief this week, but thankfully it hasn’t disrupted Class 5/6A’s learning.  Let’s see what they have been getting up to.

In Maths, Year 5 have been exploring fractions represented as decimals, focusing in particular on tenths and hundredths.  To help us make the connections, we have visualised objects or numbers being split into ten and one hundred equal parts respectively to identify the fraction, and then representing this in decimal form, via the use of a place value chart.

Topic has seen us continue our Computing learning with the microbit devices.  This week we have turned our devices into a Magic 8 ball-style fortune teller, and also a counter.  The pupils have worked hard in understanding the various coding block which form an algorithm and using an emulator to trial their code before downloading it onto the microbit.

Writing this week has concentrated on understanding the rules around the punctuation of direct speech.  Help at home:  Parents, when you read at home with your child, get them to identify examples of direct speech in their books and have them explain why they are punctuated correctly.

In Living and Learning, we have discussed the importance of friends and family and maintaining happy and healthy relationships with these individuals.  We have particularly looked at ourselves and he role we play in these relationships, identifying what qualities we look for a in a friend, and why might people choose to be friends or spend time with ourselves.

Finally, a huge thank you to those pupils and parents who managed to make it into school on Friday despite the wintry conditions.  Ensuring regular attendance at school will really help with your child’s development and learning.


Have a great weekend!

Mr. Robson