Class News: 5/6A

Friday 02 December 2022

How is it Friday evening already?  Another jam-packed week of learning and fun has come to an end in Class 5/6A.  Let’s take a look at what our pupils have been up to this week.

Firstly, a huge thank you to all parents who came today to join us for our Topic Review.  We took part in a quiz which saw us reflect upon all of our Topic learning since the beginning of September.  With the parents writing the answers, pupils had to use their books to retrieve information on the Stone Age, druids, mummification and William Morris amongst other things.

Our Writing work this week has seen us complete a set of instructions, linked to our Topic work of creating a lead print.  Students have been looking at using parenthesis (brackets, dashes and commas) to join two independent clauses together, as well as structuring equipment lists and putting instructions in a chronological order.

Despite the cold weather this week, our class have been red hot on the hockey pitch in P.E this week.  We have developed our skills by working on our defensive blocks – the jab and the block tackles.  After practising preventing our opponent from dribbling past us, we then turned into attackers and honed our shooting skills.

Living and Learning this week has seen us continue our discussions around Mental Health, and recognising the importance of talking about how we feel. Identifying those we feel close enough to to share our feelings with is absolutely vital to help young people deal with the wide variety of emotions that they experience.

This week’s Talk Time homework poses a moral question:

Is physical health more important than mental health?

Certificate winners:

Living and Learning – Will.  Provided some excellent ideas on how we can use self-care to help protect our own mental health.

Great learning – Elisa.  Pushing herself in every subject, particularly in Maths, to be the best version of herself.

P.E – Amelia B.  Super dribbling and passing skills in hockey.  Fantastic control and awareness.

Peer recognition – Sam Webb.  Giving up his own lunchtime to support an injured friend who could not play outside.

Have a great weekend!

Mr. Robson