Commotion in the Ocean

Friday 17 June 2022

This week, we have explored poetry using the book Commotion in the Ocean.

Commotion In The Ocean Board Book : Andreae, Giles, Wojtowycz, David: Books

We used adjectives to describe the animals on the front cover.

small tails

little fish

a big whale

tiny starfish

long tentacles

We used the poems and our previous knowledge to write about different animals from the book.



In maths, we have deepened our understanding of comparing quantities in different contexts.


In science, we created an egg experiment.

What will happen to an egg in vinegar? 

We put an egg in vinegar and an egg in water over five days to compare.

The egg in vinegar has no shell! Marshall

It has cracked. Clara

The one in water hasn’t changed. Poppy


After 5 days in liquid, we took them out and noticed the egg that had been in vinegar felt rubbery… a bit like a bouncy ball.

We tested to see if the egg would bounce…



Check out our super learning around the classroom and outside.


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As we move into summer, we have been discussing ways to stay safe in the sun.

Take some time to talk about different ways to keep safe in the sun.

You may choose to make a sun safely poster or list.