Comparing competition

Tuesday 16 October 2018

To consolidate our learning in Maths on comparing numbers, we played a useful game that also promoted the use of our 8Rs for learning.

Each player started with these blank squares that would later form a pair of three digit numbers separated by a ‘less than’ symbol.

After a roll of the dice, we each decided which box to place this number in. We repeated this for another five rolls, leaving us with completed number sentences. Then it was time for the tricky bit- seeing whether or not our number sentence was true.

Here’s a correct number sentence made by one of our players.

A player with a correct statement would score points equal to the first number. As each round unfolded, it became increasingly clear that if we wanted to score a large number of points, we would have to take a risk by putting larger numbers in the first boxes. We realised this was a risk because the greater our first number, the more unlikely it was that our second number would have a greater value. After each round, we repeated the game with the same digits being read out in the same order. Players had to reflect on what had happened previously and try to work out where the numbers would fit best in order to win and achieve a huge of number of points.

After a few rounds, and a whole lot of fun, we each added up the points we scored to determine overall winners. The resilience shown to improve meant that everyone was a winner!

This is a great game that you could play at home too. We’d love to hear about your comparing competitions!