Thursday 21 March 2024

In Year 5/6, our topic this half term is Comptuing.

We’ve been using Scratch programming software to create our own algorithms to instruct sprites (2d characters in computer games) to execute certain instructions.

Firstly, we designed a program which instructed a sprite to climb up some stairs, say hello to another sprite before then returning down the stairs.

Next, we designed a chat bot game where sprites asked us questions and depending on if our answer was correct or not, a message displaying ‘Well done’ or ‘Unlucky’ was shown as well as a sound being made.

After that, we added variables to our chat bot game. These included the number of points for a correct answer or lives decreasing for a wrong answer.

Help at home:
Have a look at this computing display from one of the 5/6 classes.

Help at home by asking your child to explain the what you can see in the picture to consolidate their learning!