Coronation celebrations

Friday 05 May 2023

We had a great time joining in with the coronation celebrations on Friday.  Children looked at pictures of royal crowns and loved trying to pick up the tiny jewels to stick them onto their own crowns. It was very tricky to get the jewels to stick – a great fiddly fingers activity to improve fine motor skills!

In maths, we’re learning about the number 5 .  We’ve been looking at the numeral 5, showing 5 on our fingers and noticing the pattern of 5 dots on a dice. We know that when we have 5 things, a five frame will be full.

Help at home: Can you put 5 strawberries on your plate?  Remember to count each one carefully and stop when you reach the ‘stop’ number of five. If you have 4 Duplo bricks, how many more do you need to add to make a tower of 5?  Spot the numeral on doors and signs when you’re walking to Nursery.  Sing number songs such as 5 Little ducks, 5 Currant buns or 5 Little frogs.   If you’re drawing, can you add 5 fingers to your person, 5 flowers or 5 bees?

We hope you enjoy the long weekend and look forward to hearing about any coronation parties next week.