Dancing raisins? Yes, it’s our science lesson!

Friday 15 March 2019

This week, we were learning about scientific processes – particularly predicting. Children were asked if they thought the type of liquid (still or fizzy water) would affect if a raisin floated or sank. Predicting in science is all about a ‘thinking guess’ and using what you know to help you.

I think the bubbles in the fizzy water will make the raisin float.

I think the raisins will sink because they are small.

I think the raisins will turn back into grapes.

The children observed how the raisins sank straight to the bottom in the still water. In the fizzy water, the raisins ‘danced’ up and down and they noticed how the bubbles stuck to the raisins and pushed them up.

Why not have a try at home? Does it work with other objects?