Fantastic feedback

Tuesday 05 February 2019

At Scholes (Elmet) Primary, we regularly seek the views of others. Last month, we let you know about feedback from:

In January, we also collected the views of staff for the second time in recent years. We asked staff to complete a survey with questions that Ofsted use during inspections (very much like the survey we ask parents and carers to complete in the Summer term). The survey was completed by 29 staff (in any role – premises staff, lunchtime supervisors, teachers, teaching assistants…). Here are some key findings:

100% of staff agree that our school has improved since it was last inspected, with 93% believing the school has improved a lot.

(These percentages exclude two staff members who are new to school and can’t comment on improvements since the inspection). Comments include: ‘Huge improvements to learning behaviours, assessment and especially teaching and learning.’ and ‘I feel that the school has a more positive vibe about it.’

100% thought the school was well-led and managed (of those who expressed an opinion).

‘There’s a clear and focused vision for the school.’ and ‘We are pushed to be the best we can be…’ were two of four comments made (all were positive).

100% approved how leaders support staff to manage behaviour (of those who were able to comment).

All the comments were positive: ‘Good whole school behaviour strategy which is monitored and maintained through regular discussions.’ and ‘Leaders regularly discuss keeping learning behaviour tight.’

We were also pleased to receive these two comments which came later in the survey: ‘I find the children take the warning system seriously and adhere to it.’ and ‘Over the 10 years working the lunchtime period, the children are better behaved than any other year.’

100% of staff agree that pupils are safe at this school, 83% agreeing strongly to the statement.

(One respondent didn’t feel in a position to comment and isn’t included here). Comments include: ‘With the use of weekly statements, living and learning ‘circle times’ and whole school assemblies, children know how to look after each other. Children have a range of ways to get help when needed.’ and ‘Children know what to do if they have a concern and who to talk to. The curriculum is designed to help children think about their safety in all aspects of life.’

96% of those who expressed an opinion agreed that leaders and managers are considerate of their well-being.

‘Senior leaders and a number of other staff members have been extremely supportive…’

100% felt that being in a federation benefits this school.

(A small group didn’t feel in a position to express an opinion). Comments include: ‘Planning can occasionally be shared between schools as well as ideas for learning in different contexts and environments.’ and ‘It’s nice to have someone to bounce ideas off, and who understands when I need to off-load!’


We asked staff to comment in an open-ended question about the strengths of our school. Some of the many strengths they mentioned are:

Next steps

We’re always wanting to keep getting better and better. Based on the survey, the areas to develop are to support teaching assistants more with performance management and professional development: ‘To continue to develop support staff to be fully effective in their roles.’ Like so many schools across the country, we also want to be even more mindful of teachers’ work-life balance to ensure their wellbeing. Others things mentioned were:

Other comments

Finally, we asked staff if they had any other comments. These included:

Thank you to all staff for supporting our school, and a special thanks to those who completed the survey.