Fee Fi Fo Fum!

Sunday 08 March 2020

Last week, we enjoyed a few sunny afternoons in the Nursery garden. Children noticed the daffodils and some other flowers growing and we began to talk about spring time and growing. Some children helped Miss Backhouse to weed and prepare the planters ready to plant our seeds. This week, we will plant some vegetable seeds outside. We’re also going to plant our own bean seeds, and as you will have already guessed, we couldn’t possibly do this without reading one of our favourite stories, Jack and the Beanstalk.

This week, some of our learning will be themed around this story. In maths, we will count magic beans and remember to STOP at the stop number. Eg. Jack needs 5 magic beans.  In our sensory area, we’ll be exploring different types of beans, including baked beans, kidney beans and runner beans.  We might even find some of the hen’s golden eggs in our water tray. Which eggs float? Which eggs sink? Why?