Firework fun!

Sunday 12 November 2017

What a colourful week it’s been……

We’ve had another busy week in Nursery as we shared our bonfire adventures with our friends. There were lots of wonderful paintings and pictures inspired by the fireworks that everyone saw. We thought about the different sounds we heard and used our voices, instruments and streamers to recreate them. The children absolutely loved creating the huge firework paint pictures outdoors, which included getting very messy indeed! Such large scale activities are brilliant for helping to develop the children’s physical skills as they make ‘big movements’ with their arms. As we talked about bonfires, we thought about how hedgehogs sometimes hibernate within them. We decided to make our own playdough hedgehogs and tell them not to hide in the bonfires (all whilst using our counting to put on matchstick prickles of course!). The children really extended their vocabulary of capacity as they played in the blue water this week. Filling the different sized containers and using the piping attracted lots of different children into the water area which also allowed new friendships to develop.

 What we are learning this week?

After lots of interest in fireworks and rockets, talk naturally led us to outer space and the moon! We’ll be using the book ‘Whatever Next’ as a stimulus throughout our areas of provision. We shall be re-telling the story using the book, pictures and small world props to develop our speaking and listening skills. In the large construction, there will be lots of space and moon themed resources to inspire our very imaginative children in their play. We’ll use our counting skills and ‘fiddly fingers’ to add craters to the (playdough) moon and thread pipe cleaners carefully into the holes of colanders – after reading the story, the link will become apparent! Our challenge, set by the children, is to make the water ‘even darker’ and then together, we will all think about what ‘space’ inspired objects we need to add and how we can make our own colanders for water to trickle out of.

Next week is a nationwide ‘Nursery Rhyme Week’ developed to encourage the sharing of nursery rhymes in settings and in the home. Sharing such rhymes and songs is very important in helping early language development and is, therefore, something we do continually within our activities. The focus rhymes this year are ‘Bobby Shafto’, ‘Lavenders Blue’, ‘Hickory Dickory Dock, ‘Wind the Bobbin Up’ and ‘Old King Cole’. These will be sung within key workers sessions along with lots of our other favourites.