Friday 29 November 2019

Friday 29 November 2019

This week, we will be focussing on using apostrophes to show possession. In the English language, we can use an apostrophe to show that something belongs to someone. For example, David’s bike. The apostrophe here tells the reader that the bike belongs to David. To help children to practise using apostrophes for possession, they should add, or remove, apostrophes in the paragraph below to make it correct. Children should have done this by Friday 06 December 2019.

On Sunday, Anthony went over to Jonhs house to play basketball. They

played a game of one-on-one. At the end of the game, Anthonys score was

six, but Johns score was eight. John was the winner. After the game, the boy’s

went inside to have some snacks’ and watch television. They played with

John’s new puppy. The puppys name is Fido. Fido’s ears are long and floppy

and he wag’s his tail non-stop! The boy’s had a great day. Johns mum is going

to ask Anthonys mum if Anthony can come over again next weekend.