29 November 2019

Friday 29 November 2019

This week’s homework is Practice Makes Perfect and due in on Thursday 05 December.

In writing, we have been working on setting descriptions. We would like you to write a description of the island using the picture we have selected. Look carefully at the picture and describe what you can see.

What are the nouns? e.g. the palm trees, a cactus, animals, a cave.

What adjectives could you add? e.g. the exotic palm trees; the tall, spiky cactus; the wild animals; a mysterious cave.

Then build up your sentences to create a short, descriptive paragraph (this shouldn’t take longer than 20-30 mins). Think about whether you want your island to be a happy, friendly place, or a dark, mysterious one.

e.g. -Mysterious: Beware of the mysterious cave. It is there to swallow up any curious, wild animals trudging across the Caribbean Island.

e.g Friendly: The cool, relaxing cave is a peaceful place for the mermaids to relax. The songs of beautiful birds fill the warm air.

Times tables –

Recap on the times tables from previous learning.

Year 3 – 3 x table

Year 4 – 9 x table.

Use the website


Check your speed and accuracy of your times tables. We have used this in class.