Geography Fieldwork: How much carbon is stored within trees in our locality?

Monday 16 October 2023

Over the last half term, we have been learning about Geography.

During this topic, we have learned that trees are really important for a number of reasons. One of these is that they store carbon in their trunks, roots and branches. Because carbon dioxide is a gas that contributes to climate change, the more carbon that can be stored, the better.

In order to work out how much carbon is stored in our locality, we went out into Scholes and measured the girth of different trees.

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From these measurements, we are able to work out how much carbon each tree stores and work out a total for Scholes by using our sample.

In our geography lessons this week, we will be collating our results and working out the total amount of carbon stored.

Come back later this week to read our results!

For ways to help plant more trees in our locality, visit: