Healthy Eating

Saturday 30 June 2018

Week 4 – Healthy Eating

Children have loved tasting different types of fruits at snack time this week. Some children had never tasted some of the fruits and with a bit of encouragement to try them, they were pleasantly surprised and enjoyed it!  Thank you very much for your kind donations. In group times, we talked about healthy eating and how to look after our teeth. Children enjoyed using toothbrushes to clean the ‘teeth’, making sure that they brushed the top and the bottom ones and got into all the gaps.

We were really pleased to see the butterflies had emerged from their cocoons. We looked at the patterns on their wings and talked about symmetry. In our painting area, we made butterfly prints and we used the Smartboard to draw symmetrical patterns.

Children were really excited to be able to release them into the garden and watched them fly away.

It was a very hot week in Nursery, we found lots of ways to try and keep cool. Can you guess what our favourite way was?

Week 5 – What are we learning this week?

There are lots of sports activities happening in school this week. Nursery will join in with some of them and take part in our own sports themed fun. We will: