Friday 14 February 2020

It’s hard to avoid all of the Valentine’s Day cards, chocolates and flowers in the shops at the moment and children often notice these seasonal changes in the supermarket too.  This week, we added a few heart themed enhancements to Nursery.   In the malleable area,  we had strawberry scented dough and we added different sizes of heart cutters . Children experimented with the sizes and different ways of stacking them.

There’s always a lot of learning associated with each photograph in Early Years. Here, you can see a tray of 3 identical playdough ‘biscuits’. This took time, some thought/planning and a great deal of concentration to complete. During the process, the dough needed to be manipulated in different ways; it needed to be rolled flat with a rolling pin and then cut out using different tools. All of which requires lots of fine motor coordination and skill.  In order to make these biscuits, two different sizes of heart needed selecting and stacking on top of the other, in size order. Before this photograph was taken, there were only two biscuits on the tray. At this point, we talked about how many biscuits we thought we could fit onto the tray (estimating) and how many more we would need to make. There were so many different areas of mathematics covered in one simple activity. So, the next time you see a photograph of us ‘playing’, remember to think about all of the learning that was taking place during our play.

In maths, we used the pictures on heart playing cards to help us count out the correct number of  heart beads to match the number shown on the card. Our sensory area was full of red items and some children managed to find extra red things from around Nursery to add to the tray.

The ‘Fiddly Fingers’ (fine motor) area was really popular this week. Children practised using their pincer grip to pick up the tiny pegs and enjoyed creating different patterns in the peg boards.