Hello from all of your Nursery teachers!

Wednesday 01 April 2020

Good morning, today we’ve got a few messages to share with you from everyone at Nursery .  We hope that you enjoy watching them (more than we enjoyed recording ourselves!)  and spotting a few familiar faces. We’re really enjoying seeing your email photographs, so keep sending them in.

Unfortunately, Miss Backhouse isn’t able to record a message at the moment; she’s ok though, so don’t worry.  She’d like us to pass on a big ‘hello’ and she hopes that you’re all having lots of fun with your families. Miss Backhouse is being kept very busy looking after her mischievous cats and drawing lots of super pictures. Do you think she’s been drawing Batman and unicorns? 


Have you noticed lots of rainbows recently? As we’ve been going on our daily walks and bike rides around the villages where we live, we’ve all spotted lots of rainbows in people’s windows. Have you seen any? If you have already made a rainbow, please let us know and send us a photo of it.

If you haven’t had chance yet, there are lots of different ways to make one. Why don’t you get creative and have a go! There are many examples on the internet already and we’ll post your rainbows as you send them in.

Do you have all the different colours at home to paint a rainbow? Don’t worry if you don’t, experimenting with colour mixing is a great activity. Talk to your child about what happens when they mix different colours. How could you make orange? What happens if you mix blue and yellow?  All you need are some paints and paper (or your patio/path outside!). If you wanted some extra ideas, there are some colour mixing resources on Twinkl, such as these finger painting mats.

We often see children painting and drawing rainbows in Nursery and lots of children enjoy singing along to I can sing a rainbow.  Why not sing a long at home as you make your rainbows.  You could even go on a ‘rainbow hunt’ and look for items around your house that are all the different colours of the rainbow.


Finally for today, we hope that you’re having fun with the Supertato activities. Ferdie enjoyed colouring in a picture of the Evil pea yesterday. He also loved making little peas by rolling playdough into ball shapes. This was great for strengthening his paw muscles, but he also practised his counting at the same time! He had to make 1,2,3 or 4 peas and make sure he stopped when he had enough peas in each pod. Ferdie could even say which pea pod had the most and fewest peas in. Well done, Ferdie!  Keep sharing your learning at home with us and we’ll be back on Friday with a story time and some of your friend’s photos.